Everything You Need to Know before Starting Commercial Pilot Training

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Published: 17th May 2013
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Thinking about undertaking your commercial pilot training. Would it be honestly just as complicated as you think to earn a commercial pilots licence? Just where is it possible to study and in addition, just how much could it cost you? Am I ready to have a commercial pilot licence medical? There are several things you need to ask before starting on your actual commercial pilot career.
Becoming a commercial aircraft pilot and additionally receiving payment to fly is a hope for many of us. Not only does having someone pay for all of your flying sound attractive but you are likely to be challenged pretty much every step of the way. There is countless openings to see captivating people not to mention being able to experience the entire world - something numerous people don't have the opportunity to experience normally, if at all. Still, choosing to commence your commercial pilot training is a massive and also pricey choice – and not one that can be achieved without difficulty. In addition to the undeniable fees, you will also need to consider the level of motivation necessary to maximise, not to mention keep up the expected proficiency at a commercial pilot grade. Your health and as a consequence fitness may need to be improved to make sure you will be able to hold a commercial pilot medical. This document will move through several of the key issues you ought to take into consideration and will give you some guidance as to how to set about fulfilling your wish to have a commercial pilot career and get started on your training for your commercial pilots licence.

There is really very few basic requirements you have to meet to start your commercial pilot training. You are required to have the ability to:
Converse in English
Complete a basic medical test before solo
Be at a minimum sixteen years of age to fly solo

Of course, if you really want to go beyond possessing a private pilot licence and have your commercial pilots licence then you have to successfully pass a much more extensive medical evaluation (class 1 in many countries). Don't let this stipulation frighten you. Many people, should they have eye-sight or health issues think it will stop them from possessing a commercial pilot medical – this is actually, in most cases unfounded. Quite a few commercial pilots have some sort of medical issues (eg blood pressure, cholesterol levels, eyesight correction), but can certainly still hold a commercial pilots medical. It is based on the exact medical concern and your particular country's commercial medical requirements. You quite regularly find you simply need to visit a specialist and obtain approval from them. Have a word with your own country's aviation governing body (FAA, CAA, CASA, etc) and simply ask to speak with their medical adviser. They will be able to help you very fast on just what exactly can or can't be done and exactly how.

A lot of flying is dear! Commercial pilot training is quite generally even more expensive as the planes you will end up training in are typically higher performance. Moreover bear in mind that the commercial pilots licence is NOT the ending stage either. There always be a new endorsement, rating or licence you need. For example, it could be a multi engine rating, instrument rating, instructor rating, jet endorsement or even merely further hours. You can also get continuous variations made by the government agencies which very often appear to create new ways to charge for more things as well (medicals, security checks etc) therefore don't be fooled into believing after you have done the initial training for your commercial pilot licence that it's all over.
When you are ready to talk to the various flying schools and gather advice on fees and costs – never forget that the figure they offer you for commercial pilot training is based on the BARE MINIMUM hours necessary! You need to factor in a further 20% together with whatever they suggest for unforeseen items – and I'm not making reference to only just taking some more time practising a sequence because you didn't understand it the first-time round. Weather, additional landing and airways fees, test resits, additional charts and publications along with million other “extras” that you have to have all mount up! The last thing you need to do is get to within a few hours of the final commercial pilot test and run out of money.

Don't be thoroughly discouraged however. You will find quite often creative ways to decrease the flying costs, especially when you are building up the required flight hours for the commercial pilots licence flight examination. As an example, after you have your private pilots licence, friends and family may want to come flying with you and they can help cover the cost of hiring the aircraft. You may even manage to find people who are flying a plane somewhere for business or perhaps pleasure and would undoubtedly love someone to come along for the flight as well as to share the flying. Several businesses and organisations at your current airport will in many cases require airplanes repositioned to other places. If you happen to talk with them they usually are quite keen for you to do it for them absolutely free. It will certainly stop them paying one of their workforce to do this and you basically scored a bit of free flying! Be imaginative.

Flying Facilities:
It is extremely essential that you make a prudent choice when considering which flying school and maybe much more critical is the pilot instructor. You absolutely need to pay a visit to a number of flying schools and check them out. Talk with some of the flying instructors. Ask them heaps of questions and look at precisely how they answer and additionally what they answer. You will learn quite a bit about how suitable a trainer an individual is just by speaking to them. Speak with plenty of the trainees to obtain a general feel for the way in which trainees are trained and treated through their commercial pilot training. Climb in a number of the instructing planes they are going to utilise to instruct commercial pilot trainees to find out what kind of condition they might be in and exactly how well they will be taken care of. You don't need to find out precisely how the power plant was rebuilt however take the opportunity to glimpse inside and check out if the cabins are clean and sorted, whether it is orderly or are there any items glued on with electrical tape and cord and cables suspended all around you!
Make an effort to get to know if you are able to get along with the pilot instructor and if you enjoy the environment of the facility. You are going to be investing a considerable amount of time and cash there! Just about every school and trainer is totally different therefore find one you want and can understand and relate to before starting training there. Just like every learning experience, the instructor can make or break the experience. Some schools specialise in teaching pilots commercially for airlines whilst quite a few are more customized toward hobby flying. Nonetheless, regardless of which way the school specialises they should all uphold a very high degree of training. If you ever become aware of something or feel even a little uncomfortable regarding their degree of competency – go elsewhere. Always remember, you certainly will be having to pay large sums to them – you need to get a lot out!!
Even though you may wind up attending some schools and enjoying more than one trial flight – if you get the right teacher right from the start – this can help you save thousands!!!

Right - Now you need to come to a decision. Do I actually want to earn a commercial pilot licence? Do I plan to go through all of the the hard labour that comes with completing the commercial pilot training curriculum? Would I like to pilot aeroplanes day in day out in just about all varieties of conditions? Do I imagine I will be able to survive the difficulties of flying at a commercial pilot level? Do I desire to be paid to fly? I can inform you from my experience – you will see the world as well as have experiences that you have never even thought likely. Was it seriously worth exactly what it cost me to make it to exactly where I am today – WITH A QUESTION!!!

For more information regarding commercial pilot training, licences and requirments - go to www.commercialpilottraininginfo.com.

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